Restaurant Wine Serving Tips

In case your restaurant is going to be serving wine, you have to be certain to serve it correctly. Wine offered correctly can enhance and optimize the flavour and bouquet, while serving it incorrectly may cause your wine to taste differently, even badly.


Most wines possess a proper serving temperature for optimal taste. Light colored wines, including white-colored wines, rosés and many sparkling wines will taste their finest if offered chilled at approximately 45 to 50 levels. This temperature could be acquired by refrigerating your wine for around one to two hrs before serving. Red vino is usually best offered in a slightly awesome 70 degrees, typically 60 to 65 levels. Keep in mind that on the hot day, all wines ought to be offered slightly cooler than normal.

Chilling Wine

Your restaurant must have an effective ice bucket which enables you to definitely grow it about 3/4 filled with ice with a few water. Put the wine within the bucket for half an hour before serving. Getting your wine correctly chilled will enable your customers taste your wine at its best.


The form from the glass that wines are offered in impacts the flavour and bouquet associated with a wines you serve. Your restaurant must have the correct glasses for serving wines, including champagne glasses, flutes, rhines, port glasses, sherry glasses and all sorts of purpose wine glasses. White-colored wine ought to be offered in tulip formed glasses. Dark wine ought to be offered in bigger, rounded glasses having a nice size bowl. Sparkling wine and champagne ought to be offered in tall and thin flute glasses.

Opening The Bottle

The server should use a top quality corkscrew to spread out your wine for that customer. There are many kinds of corkscrews, such as the traditional, winged and screwpull. A cafe or restaurant should usually make use of a waiters corkscrew, produced in stainless, it features a very sharp, serrated foil cutter having a thumb stud along with a 5 turn steel spiral. While using waiters corkscrew, take away the foil while using blade. Push the purpose of the corkscrew into the center of the cork. Continue twisting the corkscrew until only one loop remains over the cork. Put the notch on the top from the lever to the lip from the bottle of wine. Contain the tip from the lever from the bottle’s lip, while using the other hands to stabilize the bottle, then gradually lift the lever to alleviate the cork from the bottle about sixty-six per cent of how. Grab all of those other cork together with your fingers and twist out. Make use of a napkin to wipe any wine in the bottle.


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