The Perfect Moscato Wine for You and Your Guests

As the popularity of this grape has grown through the centuries, people have made both white and red wines with it. Some of the most popular types are favoured as sweet dessert wines with orange, pink, and white colours. Many individuals enjoy Moscato wine because of its peach and orange blossom flavours as well as its refreshing bubbly nature.

Other Details

Wine made from this grape is certainly sweet but it also delivers a significant alcohol content, though on the low end of the scale (five percent to seven percent). In recent years, it has been widely enjoyed as both a dessert wine and as a regular sipping wine apart from meals. Some individuals prefer to pair it with cheese platters and appetisers while others drink it lightly chilled for refreshment on a summer day.

It is common to find several labels available in stores as well as online. You may choose a bubbly wine such as that made by Banrock Station or select the Brown Brothers product that is a bit musky with a definite aroma pleasing to the nose. Other companies produce wines with a fruit body while some tend to the floral side. In fact, when choosing a Moscato from one of the online suppliers, it’s rather easy to find one that fits your taste and personality.

If you prefer the more traditional Italian style in this wine, you will be pleased with the fresh bubbly taste of Banrock Station. This label delivers six percent alcohol by volume. Brown Brothers offers a musky aroma and a strong sense of fresh grapes. It’s excellent as a chilled beverage with close friends who gather on a warm day.


When pink is the preference, you may want to select the Rosa from Brown Brothers to get a citrus blossom aroma and a taste of fruit. You also receive a bit of zip because of the seven percent alcohol content. Wine enthusiasts find this selection perfect with a light mid-day meal. For something slightly different, you may choose Gossip’s Sweetlips, best enjoyed chilled (five percent alcohol).

Fortunately, all of these and more are available from a leading online provider located in Australia. The company supplies local communities with hundreds of quality products at competitive prices. With a focus on customer service and a complete shopping experience, these top suppliers have established an extensive website for customer convenience.

Take some time to browse the outstanding wine selections. Be sure to look for the current hot deals and spend a few minutes with the other quality liquors and beverages. Finding a good Moscato has never been easier.


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